Self Titled

by Slumberbox

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released July 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Slumberbox Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Bloodletting
Always alone
Never at home
And I let my life go

Writing home about the shit I've never done
(Now) ive fucked this letter (up) writing things I wanna say.
Another thrown away, starting over on this blank stationary.
I ponder things about my day
My head finds little sleep, cause I'm hanging on to every fleeting misery, and ever drop of grief.

I sway like a wind blown candle flame
As I wait for the phone to ring

(Even though) I'm not brave enough to answer
What's a coward have to say?
I'm not brave enough to answer.
Who's the coward anyway?
Track Name: Survivors Guilt
Made it, one more day.
Hated, every way I failed the hours.
And wasted all the passes given.

Save it, they're wasted on me
I braved it, everyday
I'm so damn tired
Just let me fall asleep forever

We're not weak for crying
We were strong
We're not cowards hid behind our smiles

We don't get denial
We don't lack will
We're not cowards hid from friends found wanting

We fought colors fleeting
We chose light
We're not cowards hid behind the grey skies
Track Name: Monument Titan
Never done well with good byes
I framed that poster on my wall
That candles by your bed

And time moves by faster than we think.
And gravity holds me still, I fall.

My heart left to San Francisco
Bring it back to me, the sweetest smile

Remember when you called my hands to your back
And warned them away
Falling back

I wouldn't trade your summer days off when we counted dreams

We rinsed the blue down your drain.

3am we talk like lovers
6am, better friends
Track Name: A Ghost Alive
Staring up at stars as their falling from the sky.
Make peace with falling angels who held truth within your lies.
Awoke to dread soaked sheets, the weight of life eats at your ease to breath.
The morning sun sheds light upon the shame that keeps your head from sleep.
Give it time
We're all falling in love and it works out just as well without you.
Without bridges burnt or shoulders cold.
These winter months in someone's arms.

What's haunts have you got on the inside?

Hold them in, The harshest words.

Hard to swallow. Kiss me goodbye, a ghost Alive.

Our lives seem better without you.
Our load seems lighter without you.

But we still love you, and love is forever.

So is regret, and the shame, every night alone.